Dip painting and anodizing: the factory-like finish

Art wheels restores your Fuchs rims to the original finish.
We are the only company to perfom dip painting. This unique technique provides a perfect paint line at the right place.

Strict inspection of geometry and structure

Upon receipt, state and geometry of your rims are first carefully controlled.
After a first sandblasting and cleaning, they will be checked again to search for defects and cracks.

Thorough and lasting repairs

Your rims are repaired, straightened and every crack is thoroughly welded.
Be aware that welded rims cannot be anodized. Iridescent spots would appear on the rims surface. Polishing is the only method to make any reparation invisible.

Quality work and perfect finish

Each rim is sanded until no surface mark is visible.
Minor geometry defects are cured on a lathe.
Rims are polished before they get anodized and painted.

Full polishing, special colors: rims can be modified to your requests

Our expertise allows us to offer many modifications and custom finishes.
We provide full polishing, RS finish (matte anodizing), custom colors... do not hesitate to contact us.

Special rims

We also restore special rims. Do not hesitate to contact us.

RS and RSR finish

We restore RS and RSR rims with matte anodizing. Do not hesitate to contact us.